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Updated: Oct 22, 2019

brushes.. the most important tool for achieving your makeup goals and techniques you desire.

is it that perfect winged eyeliner, that blended eyeshadow or that perfectly colored lip... any of these desires require the correct tools, every makeup brush in fact has its own purpose. to help perfect the look your after. in my opinion anyway, brushes are an essential tool.


Not everyone is made equal this is very important to know, the right brush for your hands and skill make the job your looking to do much easier to achive.

there are so many "makeup gurus " out there sharing there favorite brushes and techniques that work for them with so many people out there many simply buy those brushes and they, in turn, become frustrated when it doesn't work for them, so they give up trying.

One of my favorite tools for creating the perfect wing eyeliner is a pointed synthetic brush, that glides along my lashline super close, achieving a very thin line or thick depending on pressure. A shape like a freshly sharpened pencil is my favorite. also, a small flat synthetic brush to clean up my edges makes it even more perfect.

dont forget to clean your brushes !

cleaning your brushes weekly or bi-weekly is very important! this will affect not only the bacteria that can grow in your brushes but also the way they distribute the product or colors on your face or eyes, if your brushes are dirty they can even cause brush streaks on application. of course if you didn't know about the bacteria part well that's important too, you don't want that on your face that can cause acne and no one wants that.

Don't Give UP! learn about yourself your own face shape your weaknesses and strengths figure out what you want to achieve and hire a professional makeup artist to help you learn all these different techniques and then practice them all, you will find that you prefer one over the other. iv met many different artists in my career trust me we don't all do our makeup the same way. everyone has there own different, unique and special ways of creating their art.

trust me, book your one on one makeup lesson now or we can even meet for coffee for a free consultation!

Stay Beautiful & Kind

-Riguel Idaly

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